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Jack Daniels Birthday Set,

Lynchburg, Tennessee



Role: Senior Account Executive/ Junior Producer

Agency: Out of the Blue Communications


Concept Development | Design & Artwork | Client Management | Supplier Management | Talent & Media | Staff Management | Bump in/ out | Transport & Logistics | Winner Management | Content Production | Travel and Event Management

Juliette Lewis & Shingai, JD Birthday

For a Birthday celebration like no other, 250 UK competition winners were flown from London to the home of Jack Daniels himself; Lynchburg, Tennessee. Put up in world class accommodation, the winners were immersed in the brands story during an exclusive distillery tour before going on to experience the gig of a lifetime.


On top of BBQ hill, our winners witness the incredible sounds of poet laureate Patti Smith, the infamous Juliette Lewis and enigmatic Shingai from the Noisettes; all back by the new Silver Cornet Band.

The JD Birthday Set provided an unforgettable, unique and positive brand experience that received 100% positive qualitative feedback.


Jack Daniels Birthday Set
Jack Daniels Birthday Set
Jack Daniels Birthday Set
Jack Daniels Bar
Patty Smith, Juliette Lewis and Shingai, JD Birthday
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