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Flip Side Experience



Role: Executive Producer

Agency: Seeker Agency



Ideation | Proposals | Creative & Design Management | Finance | Production Scoping | Client & Stakeholder Management | Custom Build | AV & Lighting Design | Supplier Management | Merchandise | Engineering & Compliance | Bump in/ out | Staff Management | PR Events | Live Event Management & Reporting | Experience Analysis


Samsung's Flip Side Experience in partnership with Vogue Australia demonstrated just how valuable brand experience is to driving trial and product engagement.

The immersive retail experience, located on Pitt Street Mall, was a pastel palace where consumers came to explore, celebrate, and express their individuality using the ultimate self-expression tool - The new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5. Made up of multiple touch points including a gaming zone, glow up bar, flip photo studio and even an outdoor street activation our incredible team of BAs guided consumers through an in-depth exploration of the phone’s new features - with the hero being the hands-free selfie.

A total number of 7,697 visitors came through the experience over the 2-week period. Each with an average dwell time of 17mins. And with many an apple user converted during this 17mins - it's safe to say that this experience was a flipping success!

Other Credits: Creative Direction; Curious by Design, Preset Construction, Main Build | Chopt, Outdoor Build | EPPRO, AV | Darkhouse, Lighting Design | MASH, Staffing

19-10-23 samsung flipside (consumer day) - web res 180.JPG
19-10-23 Samsung Flipside (consumer day) - Web Res 31.jpg
19-10-23 samsung flipside (consumer day) - web res 146.JPG
19-10-23 samsung flipside (consumer day) - web res 155_edited.jpg
19-10-23 samsung flipside (consumer day) - web res 36_edited.png
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