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Bank of Melbourne's

Wishing Well, NGV Melbourne

Role: Project Director & Digital Producer

Agency: TKM9 Group


Scope Development & Contracting | Game Design | Copywriting | Design & Artwork | Illustration | 3D Animation & Video | Game Development | Testing | Hardware & Tech Integration | Transport & Logistics | Bump in/ out | Live Event Roll Out | Staff Management


To celebrate their partnership with the NGV, Bank of Melbourne wanted to do something different for visitors.


Taking inspiration from the Japanese works displayed at the NGV, a series of animated Koi fishes and other water animals were projected on to the NGV moat. Stunning in itself, we took it one step further and developed an interactive Wishing Well experience.

Participants, could “throw” a digital coin into the moat and watch as it joined the projection, sunk to the floor before turning into another creature. The more visitor interactions the more creatures appeared changing the projected animation.

Bank of Melbourne Wishing Well
Bank of Melbourne Wishing Well
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